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Rejected pieces aren’t failure; unwritten pieces are.

— Greg Daugherty 

These are the things, the things we lost
These are the things we lost in the fire


So people wanted a larger version of the gif I used in this gifset.

a story of how derek’s eye color has come full circle

Letter to Fandom re: Addendum to my @TheHoustonCon Agreement


Dear Fandom:

Based on recent occurnces at other Cons, I added the following condition to my contract with TheHoustonCon.  While the promoter had minor other tweaks to the Agreement, he said nothing about this item and it was zero issue for him….it would have been a deal breaker for me.  I am very appreciative of his respect of my wishes and ease of communication.

"6)  EVENT will neither restrict nor censor items brought by SHOW attendees to TALENT at autograph table and will allow TALENT full decision making authority on what TALENT will agree to autograph or not autograph."

"TheHoustonCon, we have NO problem." (#Apollo13)  :)  No problems, only excitement!


….Eaddy Mays

Eaddy why are you so beautiful




Here you go ornyadams - i agree, this was epic!

Whistle boy! I LOVE THAT GUY! He’s my fav.

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