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Randomly, do any of u starlings play Final fantasy 14: a realm reborn? …..I NEED FRIENDSSSSS

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Today’s doodle: Sterek Four seasons.

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I’m hoping it might kick start
me and my broken heart

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And after all, you're my wonderwall

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speedpaint of my fave scene :)

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Hope you all are as excited for the fanfic panel as Eaddy is! Make sure to stop by Friday night to get tips and tricks from her and Julie and Stacey to take your fanfiction writing to the next level of greatness!

Stoked!  TeenWolfies en masse!  :D

Also, we thought it’d be kinda AWESOME to live-write fanfic during the panel!  So, whether you’re in the room with us or around the world, you can be present at TheBiteConvention  “See you there?” ;)  xoxo

~Eaddy Mays

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